Our mission is to empower female athletes of all ages and abilities to achieve authentic success in sports and in life. At The Girl Athlete, we provide the best, most current information to help female athletes of all ages and abilities stay strong, healthy, and happy. We believe in winning – in sports and in life.  Let’s do it!


Dena Caradimitropoulo

Dena played Division 1 basketball at the United States Military Academy and is an Army veteran. Dena has a master’s degree in Nutrition Science and Policy from the Friedman School of Nutrition at Tufts University.  She is a licensed holistic nutrition and wellness counselor and a network marketing professional. She distributes a concentrated fruit and vegetable powder food product called Juice Plus+ and an aeroponic urban Tower Garden. Dena’s son plays water polo in college and her daughter is a three sport athlete in high school with a true passion for volleyball.  Dena is an avid walker, biker, and old lady ice hockey player.


Paula Grieco

A former start-up technology executive turned social entrepreneur, Paula Grieco is a Goals and Empowerment Coach for women and girls. She is the mom of two teenage athletes and has spent much time on the sidelines and seen the significant benefits (and some of the downsides too) of youth sports.  She discovered exercise was the ideal prescription to improve mood and increase energy well into adulthood and laughed the first time someone referred to her as an athlete while training for a sprint triathlon. Since then, she has participated and competed (recreationally) in various types of activities including running, biking, sprint triathlons, hiking/walking, weight training, and yoga.


Lisa Mair

Lisa Mair has devoted almost her entire life to studying natural health. She focuses primarily on nutrition and yoga, two of the most powerful, yet fundamental methods of cultivating well-being, vitality, and optimizing performance on and off the field. She has a Masters Degree in Food Science and Nutrition, is a certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and a certified 500-hour Kripalu Yoga Instructor. She is a black belt in Shotokan Karate, marathon runner, Appalachian Trail hiker, and Cross Fit enthusiast. Lisa believes that a healthy lifestyle and excellent nutrition will not only help you live longer, but live happier and more successfully.